April 17, 2010

Teen - Tween

This fun little 'cake' is easy to make and a hit with young ladies!

Use the following steps to create this sweet hit!

1. Cover a twelve inch round cake board with heavy weight coordinating wrapping paper or cake board paper.
2. Bake and level a 6 inch round. Bake twelve cupcakes.
3. With a dab of frosting, attach the 6 inch round to the center of the board.
4. Crumb coat and let dry or place in freezer to harden the coat.
5. When ready, frost the cake in desired color.
6. Using a piping bag and a star tip( I prefer an 18 or 21), pipe a shell boarder around the bottom of the cake and pipe stars around the top of the cake.
7. Using a round tip, pipe the greetings on the cake
8. Using a piping bag with a star tip, frost each of the cupcakes.
9. Place cupcakes around middle cake, spacing them so that they look balanced.
10. When you are happy with the placement of the cupcakes, carefully lift each one separately and attach to cake board with a small dab of frosting.
11. Place cupcake toppers on cupcakes and small cake. If frosting has crusted, use a small dab of fresh frosting to make the toppers stick.
12. Enjoy!!

It is very important that you attach the cupcakes to the board with a small dab of frosting. If you don't, they will slide around on the slick paper! I learned that lesson the hard way!

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