November 17, 2010

Lingerie Cake

Here is a simple to make cake for a bachelorette, lingerie, or 21 party!

1. Start with a 1/4 sheet cake(13 x 9) or a 1/3 sheet cake(11x15) and frost with pink icing.
2. Draw the lingerie shape on paper first. Newsprint or a paper grocery bag works well for this.
***Hint: fold paper in half, draw the shape and then cut it out. Both sides will come out equal.
3. Knead a large piece of white fondant and roll out to size of paper pattern. Cut out shape.
***Hint: use confectioners sugar when rolling out fondant so that it doesn't stick to the table.
4. Gently lift and lay on center of cake. Using a clean paint brush, 'paint' with water the fondant to remove confectioners sugar then allow to dry.
5. Fill a piping bag with black frosting. Use a number 21 star tip for the dots on top of the cake and for the scallop edging.
***Hint: it is easier to make black frosting if you start with chocolate frosting.
6. Use a number three tip for the details and monogram.
7. Use a basket weave tip backwards with the straight edge towards the cake for the details on lingerie and straps.

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